Thankful Thursday 

Greetings Readers!!

*The first thing I wanna do is ask for prayer. I’ve recently had to make a rough choice that I’d rather not explain, but just know that I need a little help from my fellow Christ Followers. I know that even if just one or two people pray that it’s His will to answer in a way that is obvious!!

*Now, as for what I’m thankful for: my church family. I don’t know what I’d do without the trust and kindness of the people I have there. I believe that without a good church family, I would not be able to share my concerns and the exciting things that are going on in my life. When you first get to a new church–from either moving to a new place or outgrowing the church you had been going to–you should be able to feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. This is something that I felt with ours. Our C.F. helped us find a Sunday school class and anyone who noticed that we were new came and greeted us.

*We needed a new church because the ones we attended before getting married or having Boo, were not what we needed as a newly married couple with a baby on the way. We decided to go to the church Hubby’s cousin was going to because she said they made her feel welcome and had joined their watch-care program. We found out that some other people we knew went there as well, so we felt even better about checking it out. We’ve now been there for six years and have made friends not only for ourselves but for Boo as well.  We are in a class of people who have become an extended family and I am in the choir and Boo loves going every Sunday. 

*So, Readers, if you are looking for a church as either a new Christ Follower or you have moved or even gotten married and are looking for somewhere to grow as a new family, look for somewhere where as soon as you come inside you are welcomed. Look for somewhere that will not only meet your spiritual needs, but mental and emotional needs too. Because you not only need that spiritual support but a church that will help you grow in other ways too. That’s all I have for you tonight so stay safe and have a fabulous day!! 

Love ❤️ 


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