Satisfying Sunday

Greetings Readers!

*The new week is just beginning and I feel as though I’ve been through the grinder already!  Maybe it’s because my dog has an injury that she inflicted on herself by jumping from a moving vehicle or because my left contact has been irritating my eye all day and I didn’t want to wear my glasses because I had to sing today….maybe it is because Boo really didn’t want to wear the outfit I picked out for her last night and just wailed and sobbed about it till Hubby told her she look very pretty.

*But today’s  Satisfying Sunday is just the simple act of taking a nap.  Some people can nap  for ten minutes and be energized liked they got a full nights sleep. Some people, like myself, need at least an hour’s worth of napping to feel even slightly refreshed.  And some people can’t really nap at all…SADNESS!!!  Sunday’s the best day to take a nap, in my opinion.  It’s a day that we don’t really plan anything but to relax after church and lunch with friends and family.  It’s not always taken in the bed, that’s mostly for the kids, but we snooze on our couches, comfy chairs or in a hammock for the lucky ones.

*I was lucky enough to have one this afternoon before I went to Mom’s to practice singing for her church’s Last Sunday Singing they have on the last Sunday of the month. I was able to be home by myself with the dogs because Hubby was working out with a friend later in the afternoon and he kept Boo with him.  It’ was a very satisfying nap even if I woke up every time I turned over, ha ha!!  I have a hard time napping on Sunday’s because Boo always finds a reason to come tell me something or Hubby comes into the room forgetting that not all of us can sleep through a tornado and earthquake!!

*If you had a chance to enjoy this relaxing treat, yay!! If not, I’m sorry!! Ha Ha! But, don’t forget, readers, that you are not too old to enjoy a short rest on the day of rest.  That’s what satisfied me today, other than food of course, I hope that you found something satisfying yourself today or sometime earlier this week! That’s all I have for you today reads, stay safe and have a fabulous day!!

Love ❤


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