Take a Moment Tuesday

Greetings Readers!

*It’s February and it’s almost over and that means school is just about over! It’s also means that it’s time for Parent Teacher Conferences!! YAY *insert awkward lingering voice*!! But, if you have already had your meetings with your kid’s teachers, good for you….if you had a good report, my condolences if you had otherwise.  If you hadn’t had the pleasure of one, my prayers are with you.

*I met with Boo’s main teachers yesterday (February 20, 2017) and it went much better than I had hoped! I’m gonna brag on Boo a bit and say that she got some good reports from her teachers.  I also have to say that I was also a little disappointed in some of the things I heard she did.  But, I also learned somethings that I had worried that she only did at home was happening at school too. Nothing too bad, she has a small problem with mixing up numbers and a few letters and her teacher’s aren’t worried about it and I think that I can find something to help with it.

*This is a moment that I’m taking to appreciate the fact that we live in a time and era that I can send my child to a place where she get an education and I don’t have to do it myself. Because, I honestly have NO faith in my teaching skills and even if my hubby does, I’d rather have someone who enjoys teaching children lead her to a higher education.  I am taking time to say thank you to ALL the teachers out there who took the time to get their degree and use it to help others find their dreams! Thank you!!

*That’s all I have for this Tuesday and I hope you take a moment from your day to find a bright point in you day or life! Stay safe and have a fabulous day!!

Love ❤


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