Simple Saturday 

*It’s Saturday y’all and I have had a fun filled one! We’ve spent time with family at Boo’s cousins birthday party and went over to Mom’s to hang out with her and Granpa. Though that’s not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is about the following picture.

*The things we eat are so weird!! These little dirt dwellers are some of the freakiest things when they’re alive, but purge them of their dirt and grit and boil them in Cajun seasoning…..YUM!!! These simple creatures are some work to eat and messy as all-get-out, but are worth it if the cook has prepared them right. Add some red potatoes and corn on the cob and you have a meal. Your hands will smell like fish for the next few hours…..but again, totally worth it.

*That is all I have for this Simple Saturday, Readers! I hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and have a fabulous day!!



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