Read it, Write it Wednesday

Greetings Readers!

So I know it’s Thursday and I know that i’m late for this post, but I really wanted to tell you all what I thought of it and don’t worry, I’ll have Thankful Thursday up later.

*Ah, Wednesday, my second favorite day of the week! Not only do I have choir, but I get to write about a book that I read so I can tell you about it.  I also enjoy the day because it’s the middle of week and that means it’s almost over and the weekend is almost here so that we have some time to relax.

*Now, on to the book.  Unfortunately, though, this is not a good review. The title is Mated to the Alpha King: A Paranormal Romance by Jennise K.  While I liked the idea behind the story, the story itself was bad.  The author had a hard time separating American and English lifestyles and that alone made the book hard to read.The different ways of speaking and acting make the ability to differentiate between the two hard and not very fun to read. There was also the way that the heroine spoke that I just couldn’t get over and the actions of the male lead that was also really tough to get a handle on.

*It’s not to say that I didn’t try to read this book, because  I did, and it was hard.  I don’t usually have a bad review for a book, but this one was just not up to par and I can only hope that the author gets better with time. I really wanted to enjoy this book and while I won’t discourage you from reading it, I just encourage you to to keep an open mind about it and not let my opinion color your view.

*That’s all I have readers and I can’t wait to see what you thought about the book and what you would recommend!! Stay safe and have a fabulous day!!



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