Take a Moment Tuesday

Greetings Readers!

*I don’t know about y’all, but, today seems to be dragging!! It might just be me…..oh well. Now it’s time to take moment from my life and share it with you wonderful people!!

*My moment is actually from today. While waiting in the carpool lane at Boo’s school, I got a message from one of her teachers saying that she “spit in the face of another student” and I got a little upset because of it. Boo is far from perfect and I found it hard to believe but she’s not really done something like that before. Again, she’s not perfect and she doesn’t really have that classroom mentality that a lot of kids her again do from growing up in daycare. I’m not going to apologize for not being a working mom because then I’d be apologizing for rearing my daughter how I saw fit and for not letting someone who’s values are different from mine rear her. I often think I should have enrolled her in preschool though.

*What moment I’m sharing, is that there are times that I wish I wasn’t so concerned about her misbehaving and making her teachers think she doesn’t get disciplined at home. Which she does, she’s not going to get to watch a movie in the mornings this week. It might not seem like much….for her it’s a big deal and for me too!! I don’t like having her wound up before school and getting into more trouble later that day.  I do try to have her a little active in the morning so she doesn’t fall asleep in the car. Back to the point of her “spitting” on someone, I don’t really believe that she did it on purpose but that the person did some fibbing and she got in trouble.

*It’s these kind of times that I just have to trust my judgement and punish her accordingly. She will apologize to the person and it’ll be forgotten later that day.  That’s all for now readers, if you have kids or are a teacher for small children, I hope you look at both sides of a story before making a judgement even though I couldn’t. Stay safe and have a fabulous day!! 


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