Thankful Thursday


Greetings Readers!

*It’s Thursday and I haven’t posted anything since Sunday.  It’s not to say that I haven’t written anything, because I’ve drafted Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday’s post but I haven’t put it up here.  However, it’s “Thankful Thursday” and I try my hardest not to miss this one, because I’m counting my blessings and hopefully making someone have an AWE moment!

*A few years ago, I made a promise to myself and Hubby that I’d be the best mom I could be and to not be overprotective or overbearing with my children; also, not to let them walk all over me and think that they can have whatever they want if they throw a big enough tantrum.  I wasn’t reared like that, and no my mom wasn’t perfect but she did the best she could with the situation that she was given, I was taught to work for what I wanted and that even without all the newest toy, I could have everything I needed. I also  knew that I’d be the kind of mom that, if my kid had a bad dream, I would let them sleep in the bed for a little while before taking them to their beds.  That I would make them try something before they decided they didn’t like it. And that is just about what I’ve done with Boo and I’m quite sure she’s turned out pretty well…..though I could be bias.  I write about my parenting style because it has something to do with the following picture.


*As you can see, Boo is asleep in my bed….along with one of our fur babies. Normally I feel her crawling into the bed or I hear her coming into our room and I ask her what is wrong and then I tell her that everything is ok and that she needs to go back to her bed.  But, lately she’s been extra sneaky and crawled into our bed over Hubby (who sleeps like the dead) and she falls asleep. This picture was taken on Tuesday, January 31,2017, and she fell asleep on top of the covers.

*What I’m thankful for today is her breaking the rule of sleeping in my bed. It’s something not really meant to be thankful for since she is breaking the rules, but there are mornings when I just am glad to see her sleeping face and know that she’s OK.  And that she feels safe enough to come into our room and not worry about anything but getting comfy.  I know that when I was her age, I could NOT go into my parents room at any time during the night and could only stop at the closed door and tell mommy and daddy that I had a bad dream…..not really comforting for a small child, but I understand that they worked hard during the day and just wanted to sleep. I am thankful that Boo can come and go into my room without having to worry that I’ll get angry about it.

*So that’s all that I have for you today readers, I hope you have something not-so-normal to be thankful for.  Be safe and have a fabulous day!



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