Frankly Friday

Greetings Readers!

*Friday has come and is almost gone while I write this post.  Dinner is on the grill and I have a glass of Sweet Red sitting here waiting for me to enjoy. Though, I’m kinda having trouble coming up with a theme for Friday.  I’ve thought of using the cliche “Flashback Friday” but thought I needed something original. For now, it’ll be “Frankly Friday”.

*So, sticking to the theme…I’m going to be frank with you, readers: this theme is really bad!!😆😆 Friday is hard to come up with a theme and I like the rhyme thing I’ve got going on with the other days and I’d like to stick with it.  Now, this is the time when I would like you–my readers–to give me a theme to go with!! Look through the last few I’ve done and think up something!! That or maybe help me with something to be frank about.

*If you have a topic to go with the currently theme, let me know and I’ll do some research about what you want to hear about from me.  I really REALLY need your help, readers!! Tell me what to dooooooo…! Stay safe and have a fabulous day!




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