Take a Moment Tuesday

Greetings Readers!

*Monday has come and gone and apparently we all survived somehow!  Now Tuesday is just about over, but the fight over homework is just getting started.  Uniforms are being washed and dinner is being deliberated over while the dogs are snuggled with each other in Hubby’s recliner. It’s Take a Moment Tuesday and I have a little moment that happened to me while in the carpool lane.

*For most students in our area, yesterday was the 100th day of school and the theme for Boo’s school was dressing like a 100 year old person.


This isn’t the first day that they dressed as an old person,


for homecoming week they had to dress similarly.  The last time that I did Boo’s hair, I was about to purchase some of that washout hair color that they set out for Halloween, this time I used a LOT of hairspray and baby powder!! But my moment didn’t come from the likes or comments I got on social media, my moment came from a phone call I got from my sister-in-law.  She called me and asked if I knew where to get any gray hair color.  I told her I didn’t know, but I knew how to achieve that look, and therefore explained how I did Boo’s.

*It’s not often I get asked about how I do some things, but when I do, I feel a little more special than I did before.  I try not to get big headed, it works sometimes, and just brag about what I’ve accomplished.  I’m not perfect and never hope to be, cause then I’d be dead!!  But I’d like to think that I’ve done the best I could and am proud that someone recognized my efforts.  So, in all that has–and will–gone wrong in the day, I have something that I can look back on and smile on.

*So, readers, take a moment and just relax and be happy in one small thing you did this day or yesterday…..hey, you made it past Monday, there’s something!! Stay safe and have a fabulous day!!



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