Satisfying Sunday

Greetings Readers!

*The week has begun and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a full one with lots of crazy adventures and tests of faith.  I have to say that Sunday is probably my most favorite days of the week.  To me, it’s probably the most satisfying day of the week not only physically with the rest and easy made meals or socially with family and friends, but spiritually. Satisfying Sunday will be the time I tell of something that has happened that brought great joy to myself or someone I know or even someone I don’t. So sit back and let a little bit of the joy I found fill you, even if it’s just a little bit.

*I know that I talk a lot about my husband and that it more than likely comes out as braggy, but I’m not going apologize for sharing this blessing that I’ve received and I can’t help but hope that he inspires you as much as he does me.  Well, I have to tell you that he was part of my satisfaction today…..OH GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER YOU DIRTY PEOPLE!!  I’m not talking about that!! No, today I saw satisfaction in his eyes when he found the pants that fit him two weeks ago are now a size to big.  This might be sad to most wives when their husbands lose weight faster than them; however, I’m so very proud of him and his immense self-control.  He has lost around 40/50 pounds in less than a year because of doctor’s recommendation while looking into a procedure he and I talked about him having done.

*A lot of 2015 and the beginning of last year, Hubby and I have been talking about having more children and we decided that we were going to wait…..though that’s what we said as we planned our wedding and then not three months after our honeymoon–and a day before my 25th birthday–I found out I was pregnant with Boo and apparently God said that we needed her during this time and I wouldn’t change it even if I had the chance.  Anywoo!! We decided that he was getting procedure done and when he went to the doctor, the doc said that he needed to lose some weight before he got it done.  So he recommended the ketogenics  diet.  We had just watch the end of a Dr. Oz show with this same diet and we were a little iffy about it.  However, once he started it the weight started to drop and he was fitting into clothes he hadn’t been able to wear since before we got married!!

*Today though, after putting on a pair of pants his mother gave him last fall that were a size 34, he found that they were too big this morning!! {insert happy dance} I was so proud of him for everything he’s done since starting this diet.  He’s had more energy and less aches and pains caused by past martial arts and other accidents.  We’ve even had other people asking about this diet.  He’s been a better husband and father because of it too and it has helped in our marriage, because like me and other women, he was unhappy about his body.  That lack of joy transferred into our marriage and he knew that something had to change before we ended up a statistic.  Now, he’s working harder as the leader of our household and as a witness for God.

*That readers is something satisfying for both him and I.  Now I hope you learned a few things from this moment in our lives and hope that it encourages you to find something satisfying in your life and it doesn’t have to be that kind of thing.  Look back and count your blessings and when the troubles start overwhelming you, start counting again. I count the blessing of marrying Hubby every time he frustrates me, because he could have found someone so much better than my troubled self!! Have a fabulous day!!



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