Thankful Thursday

Greetings Readers!

*So I missed yesterday’s deadline and theme, Read and Write Wednesday, but I’ll get to it next week and I can’t wait to tell you all about the book series that I read and listened to over the holiday’s.  I just finished reading the most recent book of the series and it was quite a story!!  Now, though, it’s time to tell you something I’m thankful for.


*First of all: please ignore the picture of my dog’s butt……HA HA!! No really!! In this picture are so many things that I’m thankful for, two of the things are my husband and daughter.  My husband is one of the most patient and loving and long-suffering men I know. My daughter is a stranger to no one and doesn’t know the meaning of being mean and loves to talk!!

*I met my husband over ten years ago and I know that I couldn’t have gotten luckier.  We didn’t date the first year we met, but talked often and then decided to date….we took a month off from each other to give each other some space and that following new year he proposed to me and I obviously said yes!  We make a pretty good team and seem to balance each other out nicely.  I discovered that he’s definitely my better half and I would be really lost without him and I still wonder what he’s doing with a weirdo like me.  But I know that God gave me this man to keep me sane and he helps keep me honest to myself. We’re going on our seven year anniversary this May and it feels like I’ve known him all my life. I even made a list of traits about who I wanted to marry and I prayed to God every time that I even thought about dating that He would bring this man into my life.  Hubby met all but one of the list and that was he had to be the same age or older that me……he’s four months younger than I am, HA HA HA!!😆😆

*My other blessing in my life is my spirited, stubborn, easily excited, talkative, wants to make everyone as happy as she is five year old little girl!!  There are days I have no idea who’s child she is because I know that I was never like her at her age, and I remember BEING her age.  I was a pretty quiet little girl around people that I didn’t know and Boo just the opposite of me: she will chat up a stranger like there’s no tomorrow and be shy around people she knows.  (Know that she and I have a system that I taught her early on and she’s very rarely out of my sight during her stranger talks and she is safe.) This little girl has no fear in trying things with her daddy and she likes sitting and watching me put on my makeup and want some “lips” when I put on my lipstick.  She does have her days at home, school and church that she just can’t behave and has to be gotten onto, but this teaches me where to pick my battles and teaches me patience.  I want the best for her, but I also want her to learn that we don’t always have to have the best things or what we want all the time.  She understands this sometimes and sometimes she doesn’t and I have to learn how to teach her this stuff.

*I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to these two very precious people…I can only be thankful that I have them in my life now and that if something did happened to one or both, it was God’s plan and that He knows what He’s even if I have no clue.

*Well, readers, I hope you have something to be thankful for today. Know that you don’t have to wait till November to tell us what you’re thankful for, and I want to tell you that I’m thankful for you for reading this post! Have a fabulous day!




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