Take a Moment Tuesday!!

Greetings Readers!!

*Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post and I apologize for that.  I have written several  first drafts of several book reviews and have yet to finish one! I have just had some issues that have held me back from writing and I just couldn’t find the time or find the desire to write.  However, I just got back into the swing of things and now am feeling the need to share some things with you and not just my thoughts of the books I’ve read.  I’ve decided to try and write everyday with a theme for each day! Tuesday’s theme is “Take a Moment” and what that entails is that I take a moment to share something I found that just made me stop and think.


*In the picture above are our dogs: Suzie, a labra-mutt, and Stella, a purebred boxer.  Suzie is five years old, we got her ten months after my daughter was born as a gift for my husband and so that I wasn’t home alone with Boo.  Stella is a recent addition to our little family. We got her a week before Thanksgiving of this year, because we wanted I have always wanted either a boxer or a German Shepard.  Stella is now have the size of Suzie, but is very submissive toward her, and I use this loving pup to wake up Boo on the mornings that she doesn’t get up by herself. Suzie is the momma dog of the two. Though it has a lot to do with having one litter of pups and losing two others.  But mostly, she is very protective of not just my hubby and I, but of Boo and it’s been a great stress-reliever for me!!

*However, the moment I’m taking time to tell you about is this picture.  Yesterday I was cleaning up and moving around the furniture in my living room so we could take down our Christmas tree.  I was sweeping the floor and the girls kept getting in the way so I told them to get up in the recliner. The dog bed was put there to be out of the way and it’s been Suzie’s for a couple years now and boy did she look comfy!! After telling them to get up and then laying down, they looked at me like this as if to say, “Now what Mom?” and I just had to take a picture! While they get on my nerves by making messes and occasionally getting into the trash can, they are more than willing to listen for instructions to please any of us and that makes them happy.

*This got me to thinking: why can’t I be just as joy filled to make others feel good?? How often I forget that even though these are simpleminded animals, they take the greatest pleasure in the small things! Suzie goes into a barking fit if she sees a ball in your hand and will throw it for her for a few minutes and Stella is more than content to cuddle with you with a few scratches here and there.  They don’t care about the latest toy or fashion trend or food trend, they don’t care what kind of bed they have or what brand of chew toy they get, they don’t care how pretty their collars or bowls or leashes are….all they care about is getting some attention from me and my family!! Now, why can’t we be filled with that same joy?!?!  I’m not going to stand on a soapbox and preach how we are too involved with ourselves to see the world around us, I am going to say that I am trying to find pleasure in the simple things and not get depressed or angry that I didn’t get my way entirely.  I do want to get my way, but if I have to compromise, then I might complain a little, but will be glad that my voice was heard and my heart was in the words I’ve said. (I totally just stole that from the song We are Giants (featuring Dia Frampton) by Lindsey Sterling and felt it was appropriate!!)

*So, readers, take a moment today to find something simple to find pleasure in: a cup of coffee or tea with a friend, or by yourself for you stay-at-home mom’s who have little ones running around screaming in the background; set down your electronic device and look out side at what great things God’s created like the warm weather in December (Mississippi weather is kinda stupid) or snow for those in the northern states or even rain for those other parts of the country! Listen to your favorite song or songs! Take a deep breath of air……because there might be a time when you will no longer be able here to do so.

*I hope you have enjoyed my shared moment and hope you all find your moment and share it with me! Have a fabulous day!!




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