Where Has the Time Gone!?!?!

Greetings Readers!

OH MY GOSH!! It’s been little over a month since my last post, I believe, and I can’t tell you how upset that makes me!!  I have started handwriting and throwing away so many first drafts that I feel like I’ve written a short story, yet they never made it to this final stage to let you know what’s been going on review wise and my life.  I have read several books since my last post and listened and re-listened to other audiobooks….though I never finished my Judgement of the Seven books like promised and I just have to read through the last few quickly and finish that series.  

Well, there is really no excuse for my lack of writing other than I wanted to save gas and not eat my weight in doughnuts!! I would go to the local doughnut place to use their wifi (which is quicker than mine) and would feel bad about using it and not buying something other than their good coffee.  My daughter also broke the stand for my tablet and I lost–AGAIN–my keyboard and let me tell you: it’s a pain in the neck looking down and trying to type on the screen of my tablet this blog.  *insert eye roll* I love the feeling of the keys clicking beneath my fingers as much as I love the feeling of a pen flowing across the paper, which I’m sure I’ve told you before.  While my writing, more than likely, has many errors grammar-wise, writing brings a freedom that I can’t find in speaking…can I get an amen?!  While I’m sure I won’t be writing best selling novels anytime soon, I hope that what I do write here will be whatever you need it to be.  

Anywoo!! I will have many more blogs coming soon because we were able to FINALLY purchase a desktop computer!!! *happy-dance* We took advantage of the Black Friday deals at Best Buy this year and were able to get exactly what we needed for my husband and I, as well as my daughter, and now I have the ability to write and not worry that I’m being a creeper, HA HA!! Now I have to head off to bed, with a promise to try and have something written Monday, be it book review, audio review, or a short story of my holiday weekend!! 

So, readers, have a good evening and I hope your Thanksgiving was as full as mine!! Have a fabulous day!!

Love ❤


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