Swan Lake (A Timeless Fairytale, book 7) by K. M. Shea [Book Review]

Will she choose to save her country or free herself?  Cursed to be a swan by day, Odette spends her nights leading a band of smugglers and delivering illegal goods. Though she longs for her spell to be broken, she is stuck flattering the evil sorcerer who cursed her. When the kind and witty Prince Alexsei tracks Odette and her crew to their camp, Odette fears he is yet another complication she must manage. Instead, Alexsei slowly endears himself to her and searches for a way to break her curse–but with every visit he risks alerting the sorcerer to his presence.  When the sorcerer launches an attack against the royal family, Odette is pulled between her love for Alexsei and her loyalties to her crew. Will she choose to fight with Alexsei, or fulfill her responsibilities as a leader and smuggler?

Greetings Readers,

*How was your weekend Readers? I hope it was as entertaining as mine. I finished a book by K. M. Shea. I finished it a couple weeks back and haven’t felt up to writing about it yet. I’m up to writing now and I can’t wait to see what you think!

*The book I read was called Swan Lake. Now, if you know anything about the story, then you know it’s a tragic romance…..this story, isn’t like that. It’s not the story of of love lost in a romantically tragic way. Neither was it the animated version that came out in the nineties. It’s It does follow the story line: Sorcerer curses girl and others to be a swan by day and a human by night, prince discovers about girl and the curse and follows her to the lake, they are discovered by the sorcerer, sorcerer disguises his daughter to look like the other girl and tries to get the prince to fall in love with the wrong girl and then the curse is broken somehow.

*LIke with most of the heroines that Shea writes about, Odette is a spunky character that is the leader of the group of people that is cursed and tries to make herself look like she is selfish and she doesn’t fool anyone but herself. She was one of the first to be cursed and was therefore the favorite of the sorcerer Rothbart and so kept an eye on the man along with his daughter (who was friends with Odette). While they still call her the Swan Queen, it’s not because she’s a princess, but because she is the leader of the group of smugglers called the Black Swan Smugglers. The B.S.S. didn’t smuggle drugs or anything that they didn’t feel like they had a choice in. And after four years, she tries to prove that all she is is a good leader and she hates that group call her the Swan Queen.

Shea does this a lot with her lead girls. I love this about her! She puts them in a position of power that they didn’t want to be in or have decided to be there out of necessity. If I had to say anything against this quality, is that they mostly are the same character and only have different names. Though, I guess it’s because there are so many female characters out there that are the damsel in distress types that a few non-distressed damsels are in much supply.

*Just to let you know, I don’t know is if there is only one prince, but in Shea’s version there are and they are as different as night and day. So, after hearing that the eldest, Yakov, had shot are one of the groups of smugglers that had been in swan form, Odette had decided to have a chat with him. She goes to the castle and finds the youngest instead. She tells the prince to inform his brother that he needs to stop because the swans were from the Swan Lake Refuge and that they had to stay away from the lake so as not to scare the birds. This unfortunately leads to the Yakov getting curious because the lake is right next to the evil Sorcerer Rothbart’s castle and that a woman like Odette would bother to come talk to the princes seemed odd. So, they go to the lake and they learn of the curse and their relationship to Rothbart. They often come to the lake and while the oldest prince constantly tries to win the affection of Odette, it’s Alexsi that capture the heart of Odette.

This was one of my favorite parts of the book. The Yukav was used to having the woman of the country just “falling” at his feet and Alexsi was used to just the opposite. Over the course of the book, Yukav tries just about everything to get Odette to fall in love with him and nothing works…..while all Alexsi does is talk to her and listen to her, well in a few things like strategy.

*Odette, while saving the princes and the lady from being caught while looking through the castle, finds out that Rothbart has created a creature through magic and that he plans to release it and whatever comes after it to take over the kingdom. Then they bring in the Lady Enchantress to try and break the curse and destroy the creature.

*This is all I’m gonna say about the book, so you will just have to read it to find out if the curse is broken or not! This was the most current of the Timeless Fairytales series and I hope that you read the books before it. Now that’s all I have for you readers and I hope you enjoyed this review and if you find something that needs improvement, let me know!!


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