The only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Sterling and Brooke S. Passey (Audiobook Review)

Greetings Readers,

*This weekend was AMAZING!! As I told you in my last blog, I went to the Lindsey Sterling’s Brave Enough Tour with some friends in Memphis. Let me just tell you that if you EVER get the chance to see her live, then you should go and be prepared to be……..well, amazed!! Ha, ha. Also, if you have time before the concert, I highly suggest that you read or listen to her book The only Pirate at the Party because it will give you lots of insight to her life prior to this year and how she got to where she’s at now. Now, I’ll tell you what I thought of the book myself.
*So, this book was phenomenal. I thought that it was insightful and quite humorous and having listened to it twice, I want to listen to it again like a favorite music album. It starts out telling of her childhood and her relationship she has with her family. She tells you about her friends she had as a kid and teenager. The beginning is about when she learns about her family’s history of depression and that it happens in different ways. She tells us about her sister’s personalities and how she learned from them. She tells about all her adventures she had with her friends and how she got into making videos and when she got interested in the violin. It was her need to be her very best that caused her sister to be her best too. And what a great relationship to have with siblings!! That when one is doing something annoying, that instead of being mean and doing something to bring the other down, they do something to do be MORE annoying and end up with a skill that can put them through school!!
*The middle of the book is about her life going into college and how she worked in New York as a missionary for a year and a half. It tells how she struggled with personal problems with her weight and how she became an anorexic. Before going to college, she was in a garage band and that’s where her love of non-classical music came into play and then when she participated in a “beauty” pageant to earn scholarship money for college and she had to do a talent portion for it and she wanted something that would WOW everyone and she knew that just standing or sitting while playing her violin wasn’t going to win her the show. So, she worked on moving while playing; furthermore, she wrote an original song and she won enough money for the first two years of school!!
It wasn’t until her sister, Brooke, became her roommate that she really started worrying about her weight and how skinny she looked. And like most people who struggle with mental problems, it was a slow build up to her anorexia. She struggled with depression as well and that played a big part in her wanting to find something other than her violin playing to have something that made her unique. She chose her small sized waist to be that thing and so she cut a LOT of food from her diet and stuck with mostly veges……but that became something that consumed her and it cut off her close relationship with Brooke and her ability to connect with other people. Then she called her mom one day after feeling unbearably sad and told her mom that she didn’t know what was wrong with her and they talked and decided when she went home for Thanksgiving she would see a specialist about her problem and then from there she went to group therapy. Now, through out this time she often felt lost and forgot to talk with her Heavenly Father about her problems, but after seeking help she remembered that He was there for her and that she did have something unique in her life and that was God.
*The last parts of her book are about her start in becoming the person she IS today. She tells of when she would go to colleges and play in there cafeterias or to birthday parties for kids or block parties or to places that had open mic nights. Of course, there’s the part where she was on America’s Got Talent and how devastated she was not to win, but that also that she was glad she didn’t and how it helped her grow spiritually, personally and in her drive to become a better performer. She also tells about her “amusing” blind date stories and how she met the people who helped her get where she’s at now. Close to the end she talks about her bandmates, Gavi and Drew, and if you know anything about her and the past year or so, you know that her pianist and best friend Gavi passed away last year (I’m not sure what from, yet) and that that was a really hard time for her. She tells how that, despite feeling like her world had ended, she knew that it would have been worse to shut herself away from the rest of the world and feel nothing at all than feel at all. She used her feelings and emotions to write music and shared that part of her with everyone else.
*The little stories in the book are funny, sad, inspiring and just plain emotional!! It was a great listen and I think its going to be an even better read. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book itself and then share the pieces I enjoyed with you!! So get your own hands or ears on it and even if you don’t like biographies, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy this one. Have a fabulous day!!


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