Let’s not Waste one More second!!

Greetings Readers,
*So how was your week last week?? Let me tell you about mine!! After writing about the word mirror, I got to thinking about where my life is going and how I’m supposed to help others and hope what I’ve done so far hasn’t been a waste. I had a talk with someone recently about something that was really troubling them and I sat with them while they vented their feelings about the situation and I didn’t feel like I wasted my time, since I had my martial arts class that night and I could have stayed there instead of leaving and talking with this person. I also got to have a day-date with my husband and do some shopping for my daughter’s homecoming/spirit week in two weeks. Not a moment was wasted that day either!
*I did get to watch my youngest brothers-in-law play one of their high school football games and as the night went on I slowly developed a slight fever, sore throat, headache and tight chest. The next day was totally a drag and while I could have done some laundry (and with each load in the dryer I could have thrown one of my many fleece blankets in and kept warm) I chose to waste the day stress free and watched movies on Hulu and just laid on the couch with my daughter and munched on snack food most of the day. I attempted a nap, but of course not even ten minutes after I laid down, my husband (who’s a volunteer firefighter) got a call and left. This meant that if the tablet that my daughter was playing on wasn’t working she could wake me up every 5 minutes and that my dog could eat what we had sitting on the counter from lunch and that we were going to eat finish for dinner. Let’s just say that I felt very upset about it and the time that I could have been resting to get myself better was wasted and that I was not happy with my husband for leaving. Yes, I know: how can I be so upset with him for going and helping others?? Keep in mind that I was thinking with my sick brain and it’s even less rational that my healthy brain!! And we all know that my healthy brain is pretty messed up!!😵 Then yesterday, while I was feeling better than the day before, I knew I was still contagious and I didn’t want to get anyone from church sick. Let me tell you that it was really hard not go because I always feel bad about not going and that I wasted my day by not going; especially when it’s a week that the choir sings!! I LOVE singing in the choir!! It’s a time where I can not only worship God without feeling awkward, it’s a time where I can help minister to others in my church with my calling and gift! What I hate about it though, is that there is only choir during the time school is in session and that feels like a waste of my gift. I understand that during the summer is when people go on vacations and such and that the minister of music would have a lot to do to pick songs for the choir to sing as a special for whenever we’d be up there. I’m ok with just singing along with the praise team or even ON the praise team, but I haven’t been asked in a long time and I sure wish I would be (+hint hint+). I actually used to be on the praise team at my old church and after Boo was born I sang on the praise team at my current church while my husband would either play the bass guitar or run the sound. I took some time off from that when I started getting behind on housework and Ryan started having work on Sunday’s for his job.
*After about almost two years of not singing on the choir, I decided to join up again and felt so much better about being able to share my calling with other people. I missed being in a band the most, because there each member could showcase their individual skills and bring them all together to make a glorious sound for God’s Holy Spirit to fill the room and touch at least ONE person and I knew that wasn’t a waste. Goodness…….I miss being part of that kind of ministry, even as just a backup vocal!! I love music and love to share that love with others and want to give people the peace of spirit that I get when I hear or sing about the love God has and what He did to prove that love!! He doesn’t waste His love by just telling us that He loves us, He shows us everyday whenever we wakeup in the morning or when we are able to go to sleep at night. It even says He loves us in His Bio/Autobiography, The Bible, in John 3:16,
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal”
While I know that is a bit of a cliché of a bible verse and that it’s not just about God, that it’s about the lives of other people, those people had a place in His plan and not one word is wasted in the Bible that wasn’t meant to be there for me or you. Nothing was taken away from the Word and nothing should be added (it says so in the Bible) because it’s just the way its supposed to be. I understand that the different………different………………….different………..well I can’t think of the word right now but I will later, believe that there were chapter, even BOOKS left out; however, I know someone that has read those books and they tell me that they neither added nor took away from the Bible and now I’m going to stop this train of thought because I’ve got to tell you something awesome, so no more wasting time!!
*So, I don’t know if I’ve told you, Readers, about my birthday present that my husband got for me this year. This year has been quite the year and we’ve just been overwhelmed with life and so for my birthday this year, my husband (the amazing man that knows me sooooo well) got me tickets for a concert–back in August–that is happening this weekend!! Not just any concert either!! He got me tickets to go see LINDSEY STERLING!! ++insert high pitched squeal++ If you don’t know who Lindsey Stirling is, I pity you!! I first heard about her on the show America’s got talent and she went pretty far in the show from what I remember. She was the dubstepping violinist. She didn’t win the contest but she got internet famous and went on tour in America and overseas. She’s written an autobiography type book with one other lady called The Only Pirated at the Party. I just started listening to it on Audiobook and I can’t wait to share my review of it here for you, Readers!! She did a lot of covers for different songs, but mostly she writes her own music and often makes some well thought out music videos for those songs! I’ll leave a link for her YouTube site for you to check her out! I , along with a friend who also loves listening to Lindsey and the girl that she has taken guardianship over while she’s in school, are all going to Memphis to see Lindsey and I am SSSSSOOOOOO excited that I might just pee my pants!!
*Ok, Readers, I have some errands to run now and I hope you’ve figured what this week’s word was and that didn’t waste your time (hint: it’s the word that was italicized the most) and that you tell me what you thought of my use of the word and anything else in this post!! Have a fabulous week guys!!


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