Here’s an Update!!

Greetings Readers!!

So, once again I’ve lagged in my blogging responsibilities and that was wrong of me and I apologize. I want you to know that it’s because I’d just gotten so caught up in getting my daughter ready for school (because that’s about the time that I stopped writing) and my birth-control had expired so my hormones had been going crazy and my depression has been up and down in the past couple months and I’ve just been crazy!! I know it’s wrong to blame my lack of blogging on hormones and my daughter……….mostly it’s because I’m lazy to the nth degree and I had a talk with another blogger that my blogs were too long. And after writing my last one, I’d have to agree. Now, there are more books in the series and I will write about them, but at the moment I’m just gonna talk about what’s been going on the past few months!!
In the past three months we’ve talked about having and not having more children; the plans for the house my husband’s going to build me; how we’re going to work with Boo with her homework and how she’s supposed to act in school; what I’m going to be doing now that I’m going to be home alone and whether or not I should get a part-time job.
We decided that until we get our home built that we won’t have any more kids. it would be wrong to bring another one into the world when I’m not mentally able to handle another one without help and I have a feeling that if I did have another one in the next year or two that I would have to deal with a heavy dose of depression that if I don’t think I want to deal with. Also I wouldn’t want to burden my family with that kinda ordeal, so we are waiting and after replacing my IUD with a non-hormonal one to see if it helps more with my mental state and if I happen to get pregnant I’ll know it’s God’s plan and not ours.

Now, with Boo and her situation in school. She has been enjoying it and has been coming home with good behavior reports each day and with help of rewarding her with things she can go and do (which I’ve learned is SSSOOO much better than rewarding her with things she can have or treats) she has responding well with theses rewards and it gives her something to talk about at school and with friends and family!n. I’ve been really proud of her concerning homework too. While it’s just learning her alphabet and simple counting, she’s done well with it and understanding how to do the tests the teacher’s give at the end of the week and has been coming home with good grades. When school started I asked that each day I pick her up from carpool that she tells me the name of one friend and one thing she learned. Now each day she tells me a friend’s name and what she did and if she stayed on green–which is good. A couple times she’s come home with a bad report of behavior because she’d been talking while the teacher was talking or standing in her chair and we’ve told her that was wrong and that the next day she had to apologize to her teacher. Some of the rewards for good behavior is going to a church member’s home to see the horses and other animals and visit one of her friends, go to see a movie and go to a place in town and paint a ceramic butterfly that they bake for you and she did a pretty good job. She got to get her hair tips colored pink and to go to her cousin’s sleepover/birthday party!! She recently got a higher color for really good behavior and we are making plans to go to the zoo!!

With the situation of me working….I’ve been praying about something that’s been put on my heart and I haven’t even told my family about it yet. But I believe I’m ready for other’s to know after talking with a friend about a situation she’s been going through. I’ve been praying about this: going back to school to be a counselor!! Now, I’m not sure if I just want to do school counseling or go further and get a doctorate and be a therapist. I just know that I enjoy people telling me things to get it off their chests or asking for advice or are just looking for someone to tell them what to do! I don’t know if the word ENJOY is the right word, but I can’t explain it any other way, it just makes me feel useful and needed in a way being a wife and mother haven’t yet made me feel….though I feel like that’s wrong of me to “say”. I have thought about getting a job and I don’t want to do it I guess because I love picking up Boo from school each day and dropping her off too and with a job, and my hubby’s current work schedule, I don’t feel that I’d be able to do that. Now that could just be an excuse not to get a job, but I don’t honestly care!! It may change when she gets older and no longer wants me to take her to school and then I might get one or go back to school. I have to talk with my husband about it.

Yes, I said “talk with my husband about it”! While I know most women would just do whatever and go do what they want because the man is already at work for 10+ hours. I have the kind of relationship that I want my daughter to have with her own husband. I don’t want the kind of relationship with Ryan that my wants overpower his and Boo’s and that he can’t have an opinion or be overpowered by my stubborn will! That is a wrong kind of relationship to have. I was taught that in a strong relationship that everyone had to give not 50/50 like everyone was taught by society, but they had to give 100/100!! If you can’t give that, then you may need to get a new look at your relationship!!

Now……I bet you’ve all been ever so curious about why the word WRONG has been italicized!! Well I’m trying out a word prompt app and seeing if I can write a blog around that one word and do book reviews too!! Today’s word of the day: Wrong!! Let me know what you think about this and the issues that I’ve talked about and if you have a word that you’d like to challenge me to write a blog around!
Love 💜,


Ready for her first day of school!!


She chose all these poses herself!!

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