(Mis)fortune [The Judgement of the Six] by Melissa Haag (Book and Audiobook Review)

They kept me prisoner for four years, using me for my predictions. They thought they had me subdued, meekly following orders, but they were wrong. I was waiting for a chance to run. I had to be careful, though. They had my brothers, and the leader wasn’t exactly human.
The sudden death of her stepfather gives Michelle the only chance she may ever have to escape, and she takes it. She needs a place to hide and someone to listen to her predictions so her head doesn’t explode. Yet, there’s nowhere she can hide and no one to protect her from the monsters pursuing her.

Then, she meets Emmitt. He’s calm, kind, caring…and a werewolf. If she can find a way to trust him, he might be able to do more than just keep her safe. He might be the one who can help her fight for answers about her gift and the other women like her. Only time will tell if what she discovers is enough to keep those she loves safe from an emerging evil.

Greetings Readers,
So I finished listening to the audiobook version of (Mis)fourtune by Melissa Haag last week sometime and am now just getting to the blog review about both versions, sorry!! I just got so into the series that I’m now listening to the most recent audiobook (Dis)content and I remembered why I got into the series. It’s such a great book series and she even wrote one book on Clay’s perspective and I from one other male’s, but I can’t remember right now but will let you guys know when I find out. But know that I have re-enjoyed getting back into this series and even though with each new audio there is a different narrator, I can’t wait for you to read (THEN listen) to the Judgement of the Six series and to tell me what you thought, because I want your feedback so when I go back to read it–and I will–I can see it from your pov!!

Ok, so this book is about Michelle and her brothers, Liam (5) and Aden (4), and how they escaped from the house that a werewolf and his pack had kept them for four years because of Michelle’s ability. Once a week, Michelle would get a premonition about the stock market and what someone needed to do to use that information to their advantage. With this gift was some rules, she has to share the information with someone and if she doesn’t her head feels like someone is bashing it in with jackhammer. Y’all should know that this books summary does a much better job at describing the book than the previous one and that I believe that the first part of chapter one could have been a prologue to the book. Any-whoo!! Michelle was require by Blake, the pack leader and man who held her and her brothers basically hostage, to have dinner with him, her stepfather and some of his men once a month. And this started four years ago after her mother’s tragic death and with ten different men each month….so that alots to about 500 men that she saw, and know that she is just barely 19 as we get into the story!! By this time, she has had enough of one of his men trying to get her attention and says something that makes Blake snap. He tells how it’s going to be from now on until she claims one of the men; and then, parts of his face shift into a wolf and some of his men partially shift as well, terrifying her.

After finding an envelope with money, important documents and the keys to her mother’s car in her room from her stepfather, Michelle knocks out the man watching over them (I liked to think of him as their handler instead of a bodyguard because he didn’t work to keep them safe, rather he kept them in line….he also had just told her that Richard, her stepfather, was dead) and takes her brothers out of the house and place where they had been prisoners for years!! GO MICHELLE GO!! Unfortunately, no matter where she drove, and badly at that, their handler David was able to find them….I think you can guess how. They stopped at a diner for something other than snack food for breakfast and that’s where she meets Emmitt! After eating and watching out for Blake’s men, they go to their car where they find David and some other men waiting for them!! AAAH!! NNNOOOOO!!! As Michelle is protecting her brothers, Emmitt comes out and fights off the men and she feels that she can trust him and she follows him to his home (a very large house being converted into apartments) in Montana where he lives with his brother Jim and an older woman Winifred Lewis who liked to be called Nana Winnie. They ditch their car for a truck so they can put Emmitt’s motorcycle in the bed of it and head to Montana. They arrive soon and Michelle feels unsure of how life will work with these strangers and worries that she put them in danger.

While living in the same building with Emmitt and often having contact with him, Michelle’s visions begin to change and she starts seeing four of the other five Judgements. During that time Emmitt and Michelle become closer and he no longer wants there to be secrets between them and he reveals what he is: a werewolf. He started small with shifting his arm and making the hair grow on it, and when Michelle didn’t seem to understand, he shifted his teeth–BIG MISTAKE–and of course she freaks! He and Winnie get her calm so she doesn’t scare the boys. They her about their culture and that she, Liam and Aden are safer with them than they would be alone! Emmitt asks for time to prove it to them and she agrees….because they really had no where to go! And while they stay there, she has her stock market premonition’s and strategically gives them to Nana in the beginning so as not to let on about them.

After a week after the reveal of Emmitt’s secret he takes her and the boys to the apartment him and Jim were working on and tells her that it is their new home. YAY!! Not longer after that, things heat up between her and him and after a possible kiss she avoids him out of confusion. One day while avoiding him she takes the boys to a movie in town and sees a strange man. It turns out to be one of Blake’s men who recognized her and went with another man to go take her back to Blake.
After Blake’s men follow Michelle and her brothers back home, Nana Winnie tries to command them to leave but they are able to refuse her command. This is unusual and you’ll find out why when you read the book. Nana fights them off and then they decide to go to the Compound just to be safe and discuss what to do next. Earlier on in the book Michelle has a premonition about her and Emmitt, where he claims her and she is very upset by this because she just found out what they all were–and after the experience with Blake I could totally understand her reaction–and the extent of his feelings toward her.

After arriving at the Compound, she talks to the Elders and calls the number of a lawyer her stepfather used, along with Blake, to get information about his will. They all decided that she would go with three wolves: Emmitt, Grey and Carlos. Not long after arriving and while waiting for Emmitt to return from a food run, Michelle is taken by one of Blake’s men and is injured along the way. It’s not long after that that Emmitt finds her and destroys the man…..and all the ones that stood guard at the room. At the hotel that Emmitt’s mother reserves for them, Michelle sees it’s the room from her premonition. She then decides that claiming him was something that she did want to do and the premonition comes true.

When they go to the lawyer’s office they decide to involve the media to be safe. Then they get to the office and find that all the money that they had gotten from her stock market premonition’s were all in Michelle’s name!! Millions of dollars left to her and she was shocked and after getting a call from Blake from his man’s phone, relieved that he didn’t have the funds to do whatever he’d planned for her and the other Judgements.
In the epilogue, something I love in a book because it’s just a cool part of the book that isn’t a chapter and may or may not be end of the book, we find that Emmitt and MIchelle are engaged and it’s around the time that Gabby and Clay have headed to the Compound because wolves tried to kidnap her and that they were needed back at the Compound a day early.

This is another book that I can recommend for readers 13 and up. It’s the same kind of content as the first book and I thought it was definitely well written and the narrator wasn’t as monotonic as the first. I’ll try in the next few days to post up the next book (Un)bidden and since I’m on most current audiobook of the series, I’ll see if the offshoot book from Clay’s POV has an audio version, if not I’ll reread the book. And as always, if you have a different opinion of the book let me know and what you recommend for my next read and review!!
Love 💜,

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