Fantastic Four (The Movie Review) (Spoiler Alert)

Greetings My Readers,

I know I haven’t written in a while (the app on my tablet is messed up and won’t finish downloading or login) and I’m only able to do a short review.

So I recently saw the new fantastic four movie in theaters with my mom and daughter.  I was not impressed……They did an ok job at making origins for each character and the cinematography was pretty great.  The major problem was the story was all over the place. They took out Ben Grimm from the design of the machine the caused them to get their powers and most of the movie, he was only present in the very beginning and the major fight scenes!! The story of Johnny and Sue Storm was not a good representation of the original story.  They basically took out the relationship aspect between Reed and Sue.  They did do a good job on the Dr. Doom character line though, I give him four stars!!  If I had a choice to go see it again, which I probably will with my husband, I’d try to pay more attention…..though the movie felt short and slighted.  One good thing, I personally know one of the character’s from the scene of Reed and a Hispanic shop owner.  He sells a part to Reed and Reed fixes his register.  This man is one of our martial arts instructors at our studio! I think that was the only reason I wanted to see the movie.

Now, if you want to see it and then disagree with me on my review, no problem.  OH!! One more thing, I didn’t see Stan Lee ONCE in the movie!!! Any-woo, let me know if you’ve seen it and what you thought!!



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