Enthroned (King Author and Her Knights, book 1) by K. M. Shea

After posing with a rusty sword for a photo in a British graveyard, Britt Arthurs is pulled through time all the way back to the age of King Arthur where the shockingly young and handsome Merlin is waiting for her. The wizard has some bad news: the real Arthur has run off with a shepherdess, and whoever pulls the sword from the stone is to become the King of England. Unfortunately for Britt, the sword slides out like butter when she pulls it after fighting with Merlin. Long Live King Arthurs!


Greetings you book addicts,

    It only took me a couple of hours yesterday, but I finished Enthroned (King Author and Her Knights, Book 1) and I have to say…….it’s, okay.  I do prefer the author’s other books, the ones based on the classic fairytales, best.  Not to say that Enthroned wasn’t a good book!! No, I plan on finishing the series till the end; however, I do have the f.t. preference and she revises them well.  This book WAS well written and the characters very attention grabbing.  The settings were described so well I could almost feel the cold of the winter season (though it could have been that my house is perpetually cool and I had a fan blowing on me). 
    What would you do if you got pulled back in time by a magical object? Would you completely freak out and cause the locals to institutionalize you or kill you?? Would you look around for your friends or family (whomever was closest to you at the time) and tell them that the joke was funny and that they needed to come out from wherever they were cause you were getting worried?? Or would you just go along with it thinking that it was a dream and at any point you would wake up at home in your own bed?  Well, Britt Author did the last one.  Though she did do a little bit of the second one as well, but as time went on she be 
    This book was written in the third person point of view (I can’t remember which type of third person, but only the main character’s thoughts where known) and even though you don’t know all of the other character’s thoughts, it was still good. There was a lot of time jumping, as in months would pass with nothing written for that time period other than a few events mentioned in passing.  And that’s about it for this one, folks!!!  I hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think and what you’re reading!!


2 thoughts on “Enthroned (King Author and Her Knights, book 1) by K. M. Shea

  1. Kitty says:

    K. M. Shea here. Thank you, Wordie, for taking the time to write up an Enthroned review! I hope the series does a better job winning you over in the more recent stories, but in the meantime I’m still happy you thought it was okay. If you don’t mind, I’m going to post a blurb of your review on my website. If you want it removed, please let me know. 🙂

    Thank you!


    • Wordie says:

      Thanks for the response!! I haven’t been on my blog for a while now because the tablet I use for the blog messes up whenever I try to blog and we don’t have a computer at home! I love all your other books though!!


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