Spellfinder (Cassidy Edwards Novel, Book 2) by Carmen Caine

Revenge. Until now, my revenge was more of an idea. A fantasy. A mere whisper of what revenge should be. But it was a seed—and it was time for it to sprout. My name is Cassidy. Cassidy Edwards. And I’m the first of my kind.
The Job Hunting a mysterious force attacking the House of Rowle with spells of the most malevolent, arachnid kind. 
The Players A wickedly handsome warlock-of-a-boss, a hostile Nether Reach Keeper hell-bent on my arrest, and a vampire who just might believe that he’s my father. 
My Problem As my new Spellfinding gig plunges me deeper into the world of the Charmed Mafia, destiny presents the king of all conflicts … forcing me to walk a tightrope of lust and betrayal as the monster inside me awakens.


Greetings you crazy cats!!

    Well, I read the second book to the Cassidy Edwards novels and it was excellent! Carmen Caine does it again with amazing settings, dialog, characters (new and old) and plot twists and turns.  It took me a day and a half to read because I AM a stay at home mom that needs to get some things done around my house to keep a happy and healthy home and family.  I could have finished in less than a day if I’d had less to do, but I slacked a little bit last week, so I needed to catch up. 
    In this book, Cassidy, learns more about herself and her parentage, well she knows that her mom was quite unfaithful as a married human woman and is willing to do anything for the man (vampire) that she had an affair with right before she was turned.  She learns more about the source of her abilities as one of the Damned and what she can do as a Spellfinder for the man (warlock) she made a contract with in the last book.  Cassidy becomes more confident in her need for revenge against Emilio (the vampire that had her mother changed while she was pregnant with Cassidy) and learns that she can not just want to kill him herself, but that she needs to find a different way to make him suffer.
     This book was well written and there were not any spelling or grammatical errors that I saw, but I could have missed something, because I do have a four year-old that needs me to see EVERYTHING she does and often interrupted me in my reading.  It was once again written in Cassidy’s point of view, I’m hopping that Caine writes a version in the point of view of the warlock, Lucian Rowle, so I can see what he sees from his side of the story since a good part of it revolves around him.  Again this is a book for older teens and up and very little cursing!!
    Ok, my pretties, that is all for now this book series until the next one releases.  I am currently reading Enthroned (King Authur and Her Knights, book 1) by K. M. Shea, an author I would totally fangirl on!!  (I like to think that if I met a celebrity that I could keep myself in check and then later freak out.)  I have read several of her other books, some of which are revised versions of the classic fairytales such as: Rumplestiltskin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and the Princess and the Swans to just name a few.  She has some other stories and those ones are just as good, she knows how to capture anyone’s attention with her characters and plots so check her out if you’ve been looking for something along that line!!

Love 💜,

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