Seven Psychics (Shifter Squad, Book 1) by J. C. Diem

      Alexis Levine has just graduated from high school and intends to join the Army as soon as she turns eighteen. Her dream is to become a sniper, just like her often absent father. During routine weapons practice, she meets Mark Steel, the head of a small team of agents who work for a mysterious organization. He needs someone with outstanding skills to help his squad to destroy seven psychotic psychics. With her father overseas on a mission, she is the next best choice.
    Still reeling from the knowledge that psychics actually exist, Lexi agrees to become a temporary member of their team. From the first moment that she meets Reece Garrett, she is instantly fascinated by him. He is strong, sexy and charismatic and unfortunately thinks of her as little more than a child.
    Agent Garrett and his team have a secret that few people are aware of. They are shape shifters who transform into ravenous beasts with every full moon. The upside of being shifters is that they possess a natural resistance to mind control, which makes them the perfect team to hunt the psychics. But Reece soon learns that some instincts are impossible for even him to deny. Caught in a mind trap that he can’t escape from, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the newest member of the team.


Greetings Bloggers and Blog Readers!

    I know I promised a review on the Academy series in my last blog, however I haven’t read the first book in months and even though it’s one of my TOP TEN MOST READ BOOKS I just haven’t felt like reading it lately.  So I am going write a review on a book that I read a couple of weeks ago for the second time (I finally broke down and bought the most recent books in the series since I finally had the money) and it’s a pretty good read.  The author, J. C. Diem, writes really well and even though I haven’t read anymore of her books other than the ones in the current series, I highly recommend her if you like the paranormal/fantasy fiction genre!
    The Seven Psychics (Shifter Squad) series follows the story of the main character Alexis “Lexi” Levine and how her life is completely turned upside-down by accepting to help a Special Agent and his team capture some very dangerous people.  First, she meets a unique group of people tasked in finding another unique group of people. Second, Lexi finds herself attracted to one of the agents, Agent Reece Garrett, who tells her in no uncertain terms that she and him will never get together!  Thirdly, after going after one of the criminals alone, Reece unwittingly exposes his true feelings and the secrets the TAK squad (Track-And-Kill) has and Lexi becomes confused and “changed” after all is out in the air. 
    This book, along with the others written in the series after it, was well written and I have no problem recommending it to the paranormal readers out there.  It is written in first person, in Lexi’s point of view, and there was no trouble connecting with the character for myself.  If I can’t connect with a character of a book written in first person, then I can’t make myself finish reading, and not finishing a book is a criminal offense to all!! I am waiting in nerve racking anticipation for the next book to release!!  I will say again, J. C. Diem is an amazing writer, so go check out the books and leave your own review here to tell me what you thought!!

Have an amazing reading experience and remember: “Work harder than you think you did yesterday?”


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