Hello (Take Two)

Greetings Bloggers and Blog Readers!!

So, if you’ve read the first post of my blog, you’ve noticed that I have deleted it. Why you ask??  Well the reason is because I want to be able to post this blog onto my social media page and I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.  Also, I once again posted about issues that should be taken to the person(s) I have trouble with, not you my readers; that being said, if I do have a problem with someone, I will use false names and places so I can get an unbiased opinion from you all if I REALLY need it.

Now, I am going to make this second/first about just ME.

I am from Mississippi, located close to MSU to give you just a general idea of my area, though it’s not my hometown.  I am married, we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we have a very self-confident, brave, energetic, exasperating and a wonderful mixture of my husband and myself four year-old daughter!!  (For safety sake, I’ll call her by her nickname: Boo, my husband Hubby, and you guys can just call me Wordie!) I LOVE to read and try out new recipes!! Music is a big passion of mine and has been since I was my daughter’s age when MY mother would stand my brother’s and I in front of a tape recorded and record us singing while she played the piano.  I was in marching and concert band my entire junior and high school years and was in a Christian band for about 5 years or more that my family and a friend of mine started in my home church.  We didn’t really make much of ourselves because after my mother (yes, she was in the band too) quit, our lead singer ended up going to college in Nashville and then my husband and I only had one vehicle that only he could drive (a stick shift) and he was working crazy hours, so we ended up ending the band.  I’m not much of a lead singer or solo artist, I love finding the harmony in music and would rather do that than anything else.

I can’t really think of much else to say at the moment, other than give you all a great author recommendation: C.L. Stone!! Check out her series: The Academy, and it starts off with the book “Introductions”.  I’ll write up my review for this book next blog, but if you have read it or when you DO read it, let me know what you thought!!

Remember: Your words and their intentions last a lifetime!!


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